Cybercrime and punishment

As we engage ever more in online activity, we leave a bigger digital footprint which leaves a trail for the less scrupulous to follow. According to recent figures, more than a quarter of all recorded malware appeared in 2015 alone. Cyberthreats are clearly on the rise, but for all the concerns about the rise of malware and foreign hackers, the biggest threat is quite simply carelessness on the part of users. As a result, it is possible to reduce some of the obvious threats by adopting cheap security measures.


The rise of the cybersecurity industry

It is estimated that there are 80 to 90 million cybersecurity events per year, but 70% of these are estimated to go undetected.1 The increase in cybercrime and data breaches as well as demand from firms to protect themselves against these are some of the key drivers behind the rise of the cybersecurity industry. The current cybersecurity landscape, factors contributing to industry growth, and benefits of cybersecurity investment all substantiate the two arguments that firms should proactively invest in…


Sustainable investment – so far mainly a ‘feel-good’ factor

Sustainable investment is a topic that has been in the market for some years now, and interest in this area has steadily gained momentum. Today, investors can choose from a variety of sustainable alternatives within equity, sovereign, covered and corporate bond assets from a wealth of different providers. We take a closer look at the group of sustainability indices across asset classes, and find that they have so far offered similar return and risk profiles compared to classical indices. 




US elections: ‘It’s the energy market, stupid!’

Energy policy is one of the key issues on which US presidential candidates like to position themselves during the campaign. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump follow in the steps of their predecessors in this respect. But what influence does a US president really have in this area, and what policies would a President Clinton continue or a President Trump reverse? These are the questions we are addressing here.