The train keeps rolling

After the huge European equity rally of recent years, investors can be forgiven for wondering whether they may already have missed the boat. But even on yield grounds, equities continue to yield more than fixed income securities which makes a buy-and-hold strategy attractive on the assumption that prices do not fall sharply.


Focus on European equities: What a difference a year makes …

In May this year, shortly after the French presidential elections, Philippe Hildebrandt, Vice Chairman of BlackRock and former chairman of the governing board of the Swiss National Bank, spoke in an interview with Bloomberg TV about a potential ‘Golden Decade’ for Europe.


European equities – what’s not to like?

It’s easy to build a buy case for European equities at the moment. The economy is booming, earnings are growing, politics look as stable as they’ve been for years, and the European stock markets have lagged behind for so long that surely it’s time for some catch up.


Asset and Portfolio Management

China beyond the BATs

With MSCI’s inclusion looming next year, investors are starting to review their China exposure and how to implement the onshore market into their portfolios. Premia Partners believes that A-shares offer a broader, cheaper and less correlated exposure than offshore Chinese stocks.



Room for disappointment on the oil market

Oil prices surged in the summer months. Brent reached a two-year high of just under USD 60 a barrel at the end of September. Strong demand and fewer oil shipments by Saudi Arabia were price drivers. As a result, the oil market was significantly undersupplied and stocks fell considerably.