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Equity Markets & Commodities (EMC)
A leading European manufacturer of financial products and a market maker. We offer a range of investment solutions tailored to meet your – or your clients’ – risk and return expectations.

An Introduction to Structured Investment Products
From standard, simple structures designed for the retail market, through to highly sophisticated, multi-layered offerings for institutional investors.

Private Banks Sales Capabilities
We continually design, manufacture, distribute and price structured products linked to equities, commodities, interest rates, credit, currencies.

Market Making for Exchange Traded Funds
With a comprehensive product and exchange coverage across Europe and Asia, we provide a complete solution in on-exchange and over-the-counter ETF trading for institutional clients.

Commerzbank Mutual Funds Capabilities
We deliver innovative products and competitive pricing to meet the needs of our clients.

Commerzbank Quantitative Asset Management
We offer all the benefits of a dynamic investment boutique supported by the financial strength, resources and global insight of a major international bank.


Structured Solutions
We deliver structured solutions to clients facing complex exposures, either from an investment product or a balance sheet perspective.

Flow Equity Derivatives
We develop, manage and execute vanilla and structured solutions for institutional clients. Our platform offers extensive equity derivatives expertise to our clients across markets on a global basis.

Systematic Indices
Our range of systematic indices have been carefully crafted through market expertise and research. They aim to bridge the gap between ‘active’ and ‘passive’ portfolio management in an efficient way.