More than just a game

Computer games are an integral part of modern consumer societies, but whilst they have been around almost as long as computers themselves, it is only in the last two decades that they have exploded into public consciousness. The global games industry has grown at an annual average rate of 9% over the past five years, with China now the world’s largest market.


Learning from a great rotation that hasn’t happened so far

It is a nice idea – low or even negative returns would force investors out of bonds into equities. This was supposed to support equity markets for years. The thing is: it just didn’t really happen that way. Investors added to equities, there is no doubt about, but at the same time, bond investments did not fall into disgrace.


Promoting the UK games industry round the world

The UK games industry is a global success story. It is fast-paced, highly innovative, and driven by a tantalising combination of technology and creativity. And it continues to capitalise on its heritage, experience and talent ecosystem, attracting some of the best and brightest games companies to its shores.


Q&A: Everything you always wanted to know about gaming (but were afraid to ask)

Martin Edmondson co-founded Reflections Software in 1984, a development studio now owned by Ubisoft. Reflections designed games such as ‘Destruction Derby’ and the BAFTA-winning ‘Driver’ for Sony PlayStation. He now works as a video game design consultant.



MiFID II: Three months since it went live, we ask if MiFID III is on the horizon

We are now approaching the three-month anniversary of MiFID II going live and yet the new regulations are still dominating discussion and analysis across the financial services. Considering the scale of the changes introduced, it’s not unsurprising that there are still some elements market participants are trying to come to terms with. Whether these be double volume caps, systematic internalisers, or what really constitutes an…