Banking on a recovery

Perhaps if the regulatory authorities had been aware of the disruption that would follow in the wake of their decision to declare Lehman Brothers insolvent in 2008, they would have thought twice about it. This was the catalyst for the deepest global recession in 80 years and prompted the monetary authorities to step in to prop up the global financial system.


Equity beta – or how much risk are fund managers taking?

Investing has a lot of components – but one of the most important is timing. One needs good timing to invest before a particular trade is too crowded, and to exit before the vibes tip. In particular, one does not want to enter a trade the moment the vibes tip or to exit it the second it would pay off. This is still hard to quantify, but using a well known financial market variable – the beta – we present a means of …


The digital business of structured products: Today and in future

Over the last few years, the structured products world has seen how technology and digitalisation have gone from being typical buzzwords used by consultants in every 2020 business plan to an actual reality that has impacted our industry directly in many different ways. Both issuers and distributors of structured products have embarked on technology projects either to satisfy recent regulatory requirements, to increase …


Asset and portfolio management

The future of the ETF industry from an issuer’s perspective

Frank Mohr: As the EMEA and the Global Head of iShares, Steve and Mark you see probably a lot of investors in the world. What are the trends and developments in the financial industry?


ETF Market Making

Developed markets equities managed to put in a remarkable recovery over the month of July, though overall trading volumes were low. This summer rally took the MSCI World to its highest level since February 2018, aided by the combination of gains in the US as well as in Europe. As a result, at the beginning of August, the VIX dipped to its lowest level since May.