Digital Business

E-connectivity & Digital Solutions

Different channels to digitally access our products

The demand for product delivery via digital channels has been growing over the years and it now represents a substantial part of our current global business in EMC.

Consequently, Commerzbank is able to provide customers with full front-to-back straight through processing (STP) of investment products via different channels


  1. Via third party platforms: Commerzbank is already working with a number of the most important third party investment product venues that provide customers with price discovery and execution services.

  2. Via Direct Connectivity: Communicating directly with the customer’s IT infrastructures either via FIX/API connections or using our state of the art email connectivity interfaces

    You can find out more on our direct email connectivity, here:

    What is CyclopsEurope

    Cyclops Optimizer

    Link to CyclopsWeb

    Via the Exchanges: Facilitating the price discovery and issuance of Investment products within the most important exchanges for those customers who prefer to transact in these venues

  3. Althernatively, if you would like to find out more on our capabilities and solutions on e-connectivity, please approach our Electronic Sales Trading team