Commerzbank offers real-time structured product pricing on Bloomberg DLIB

Bloomberg’s Derivatives Library helps institutional investors manage structured product investments

Commerzbank AG has chosen to provide its institutional clients with a newly launched automated way to model bespoke structured products and calculate a tradeable price, through Bloomberg’s Derivatives Library (DLIB).

Available through Commerzbank’s dealer page on the Bloomberg Terminal, the bank will provide clients with real-time tradeable prices on structured products. In addition, DLIB provides both Commerzbank and its buy-side clients with clarity into the deal’s characteristics, and gives the client backtesting capabilities and product life-cycle management. ‘Commerzbank is committed to enhancing its e-connectivity to clients. This tool provides Commerzbank institutional clients an additional digital avenue to access the bank’s tailor-made and extensive structured products expertise,’ said Daniel Hernandez, Head of EMC E-Connectivity Solutions at Commerzbank AG.

At Bloomberg we are constantly looking for ways to help our clients manage the investment process, and to facilitate interactions between the sell side and the buy side. We are pleased that Commerzbank has chosen to use DLIB to provide prices on structured products to its clients in real-time,’ said Karim Faraj, Global Head of Front Office Derivatives at Bloomberg. ‘By integrating their quoting engine with Bloomberg DLIB, sell-side firms are able to service their clients more efficiently. Buy-side firms, on the other hand, benefit from getting quotes on structured products directly on their Bloomberg Terminal screens.’

Bloomberg DLIB gives access to a library of pre-existing and custom deal templates for structuring equity, FX, credit and interest rate derivatives contracts with desired characteristics. Bloomberg Terminal subscribers can model theoretical pricing and analyse the risk of deals, including exotic and hybrid pay-offs, on the Terminal.

Commerzbank is the second firm to use Bloomberg DLIB to provide this service to its institutional clients.

For more information about Bloomberg DLIB, contact Daniel Hernandez at